Front Shoes





WS-1-FRONT Moderate Weight - Full roll side to side - Toe clips or double side clips

WS-2-FRONT Similar to WS-1, but with a flat toe - Toe clips or double side clips

WS-3-FRONT Heel weighted - W/Without clips - Rounded or cut heels

WS-4-FRONT Heel weighted - Square toe - Rolled clip - Rounded or cut heels

WS-5-FRONT Side weighted - With or without toe clips - Flat toe - Rounded or cut heels

WS-6-FRONT Flat shoe - Toe clips - No heels

WS-7-FRONT Similar to WS-6 - Beveled or rolled toe

WS-8-FRONT Toe weighted - With toe clips - Beveled or full roll toe - Thicker end branches than WS-9

WS-9-FRONT Similar to WS-8, but with thinner end branches

WS-10-FRONT Moderate to weight - With toe clips - Beveled or flat toe - Tapering branches

WS-11-FRONT Toe weighted - Toe clips - Heels - Heavy shoe

WS-12-FRONT Flat shoe - No clips - Length, width and ounces specified

WS-13-FRONT Toe weighted - Split toe - Thin shanks

WS-14-FRONT Forward plantar weighted
WS-15-FRONT Toe weighted - Choice of toe - Imbedded heels
WS-16-FRONT Toe weighted - Split and rolled toe - Thin shanks
WS-17-FRONT Walker shoe - Full flat - Weighted shoe - Rolled toe
WS-18-FRONT Toe weighted - Creased - Clipped
WS-19-FRONT Egg-bar - Toe weighted - W/Without rolled toe
WS-20-FRONT Moderate toe weight - Reverse bevel
WS-21-FRONT Light to heavy toe weight - Flat or rolled toe - Extended heel support
WS-22-FRONT Smooth toe - Swelled heel
WS-23-FRONT Heel weighted - Rolled toe - Tapered heels
WS-24-FRONT Wide web - Clipped - W/Without rolled toes
WS-25-FRONT Full reverse scoop
WS-26-FRONT Heel weighted - Fully round toe
WS-27-FRONT Full rocker toe
WS-28-FRONT Medium weight - Rounded toe - Full roll back - With heels
WS-29-FRONT Egg-bar - Fully beveled front to back - Heel weighted
WS-30-FRONT Fully rounded toe - Creased
WS-31-FRONT Mild toe weight - Slight roll
WS-32-FRONT Mild to medium toe weight - Flat toe - Heels
WS-33-FRONT Heavy toe weight - Rolled toe - Creased or punched - Heels
WS-34-FRONT Toe weight - Rocker
WS-35-FRONT Egg-bar - Toe weighted - Full vac scoop
WS-36-FRONT Toe weighted - Rocker - Full roll
WS-37-FRONT Egg-bar - Full scoop - Extended flat toe
WS-38-FRONT Rocker shoe - Clipped
WS-39-FRONT Even weight - Rolled toe - Long beveled heels
WS-40-FRONT Eggbar - Side toe weight - Rolled or flat toe
WS-41-FRONT Fully rolled shoe - Fullered
WS-42-FRONT Training plate - Full bevel
WS-43-FRONT Half rounds - Ponies to Saddlebreds
WS-44-FRONT Off-Set. Standard Weight.
WS-45-FRONT Heel Tapered
WS-46-FRONT Side Bevel
WS-47-FRONT Split Reacher
WS-48-FRONT Toe Break
WS-49-FRONT Hack Grab
WS-50-FRONT Heeled Toe Weight
WS-51-FRONT Anti-Drag
WS-52-FRONT Fullered Concave
WS-53-FRONT Scooped Toe
WS-54-FRONT Swing Straightener
WS-55-FRONT Reverse Bevel
WS-56-FRONT Side Weight
WS-57-FRONT Traction Shoe
WS-58-FRONT Tooth Shoe
WS-59-FRONT Hospital Shoe
WS-60-FRONT Scooped Branches
WS-61-FRONT Blunt Toe

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*Almost all of the front styles (with very few exceptions) can be made on a smaller scale to be used for Hackney Ponies.  Call for more information.