This gallery is a collection of un-numbered horseshoes. Some of the models here
simply have not yet been assigned a model number. Many of these shoes have been
crafted as "Special Order" and represent a rare request for an unusual situation. We
placed these shoes here to demonstrate the limitless possibilities and endless
combinations of features available. And to exhibit the Craftsmanship and Artistry
which goes into all of our shoes. The best to you in all of your shoeing endeavours.


                                          Earl Wilhelm

Because you can't put the same thing on

every horse and expect different results

It's about the quality of motion

It Isn't what the Farrier did......

It's what the owner didn't do !

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Think about it,

       It'll come to you.

It isn't corrective horseshoeing,
                         It's correcting horseshoeing.

We offer shoes with:
Flat Toes
Rolled Toes
Square Toes
Beveled Toes
Rocker Toes
Diagonal Toes
Recessed Toes
Round Toes
Diamond Toes
Scooped Toes
Open Toes

Square Heels
French Heels
Pole Heels
Taper Heels
Block Heels
Swelled Heels
Beveled Heels
Rocker Heels
Sinker Heels

Throughout this country there are many adroit craftsmen. If we can be of any help with references, please call. But be fore-warned, these individuals are very good at what they do, and they do not come cheap.

If your horse has suffered
the after-effects of
poor shoeing...
just remember,
you're the one that hired 'em

Our shoes have been aero-dynamically designed to prevent wind resistance.

Upon completion of the shoeing, the finish should be so fine that you can wipe cotton over the surface without snagging.

Don't Be Afraid
To Buy The Best.....
You'll Always Be Satisfied.

Makes them pace even
behind... Made heavier for
square going.

H.S. Hind