Front Shoe Required Measurements

Width: Meaure the widest part of the hoof

Length: Measure from toe to heel of the hoof. When meausring the shoe from front to back, the heel should end where you prefer to set them. Some craftsmen prefer to measure form the toe, back to and including the bulbs of the foot. (This is to each craftman's prerogative. All shoes will be made to your specifications).

Heel: Approximate width of heels.

Padding: Amount of padding to be used.

When measuring the shoe for Width, 1/8" must be added to each side for each 1/4" of padding to be used (1/4" total)

When measuring the shoe for Length, the shoe must be extended approximately 1/4" at the toe for each 1/4" of padding to be used

When observing the finished product at the Profile, there should be a continuous line from the hairline to the shoe.

Weight: Ounces required

Nails: Size of nails to be used. All shoes can be punched for "thin walled" horses upon request.

Please specify whether measurements are taken from bare foot or from previous shoe.