Barn Owner / Trainer / Selling Agent

(all three - same person)

stated this horse was set up fresh four days before these pictures were taken

Allowing an animal to get in this condition is unnecessary, and very unfair to the animal

Left front 1 5/8" longer
than right

(L)                                                           (R)

Severe compression rings

pinched / split / cracked /
dry heel bulbs (from improper packing)

Under-run heels

Shoes too short

Right front foot at start,
Club foot with a bit of dish....

Shoe that was applied
(along with padding) ....

Epoxy applied, for support and re-build,
                              top side of foot must be supported as well as the bottom

After first shoeing

After fourth shoeing,
without the special shoe, without any epoxy,
notice: no club foot, no dish

    Setting up horses is quite easy (whereas, some try to make a big production of it).
        Accomplishing this kind of work is quite easy.
            Reversing the club foot is possible.

    You will be pleasantly suprised at what you can accomplish,
            if you just try.

Individuals will say, there is no fixing a club foot.....
        leave the club foot alone.....
                                  you will just make it worse....not true.

                                Give us a call, we'll try to help you.