Saddlebred - Broken R-F Clubfoot, shod and repaired with only two nails in the foot - all others into epoxy. An important factor in doing club feet, is that the two front feet finish out at the same measurements front, sides, heels and shape of shoe - You must give ample support to both limbs you will also notice there are no big clinches left on our finished product. All undercutting of the clinch with a gouge, is totally unnecessary. With the proper tools, you can lay a clinch back into the wall and end with a very clean finish. If you remove any amount of the wall under the clinch, you are weakening that area, and basically removing what the clinch is supposed to be holding onto. Secondly, you then go back and gouge it again to open the clinch back up when removing the shoe. The clinches are not what holds the shoe and/or package on, it's a matter of precise uniformity in the application. The proper tool to be used is an adjustable clincher, forget about this amateur BS of hammer clinching. Another big factor, is the setting of the nail high or deep. Regular clinchers do not reach high enough to lay a fine clinch.

It is not just for cosmetics. If you do not understand support, ask an architect.